Dear Fellow Entrepreneurs,

Can you believe we are already in the 2nd quarter of 2023 ? 

Ready to meet and network at the Marriott downtown on Wednesday ?  Our in-person meetings are back …… and you’re missed…..

Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday April 19th,…….consider putting this on your calendar, at 6:30pm. and…. please RSVP at the meetup site. People need to know that you’re attending and how about bringing a friend or colleague ?

Meet us in the lounge (Facing del Alma) and enjoy some food or drink and get ready for some great conversations. We will be in the corner area not the long table, per some requests.

For this month’s updates we have;

  1.    Are you a women-based firm ?, Free entrepreneur course ?
  2.   Overdue to learn ChatCPT, free  CodeAcademy courses
  3.    Want to get in gear with ChatGPT, free courses ?
  4.    Ready for a keyword tool that knows your competition ?
  5.    Acumen’s new course: Learn Data Approaches to Measure Social Impact
  6.    Are you an entrepreneur? Perhaps a good podcast will help you decide.
  7.    Featured Member: Seth Purcell CEO of Constructor

Do you see and feel this every night ?

You must see your ten-year goal vividly in your mind every night before you go to bed. Most importantly, make sure this goal is what you want because you’ll probably get it. The power of this discipline has been described thousands of ways over thousands of years. You can find it in Earl Nightingale’s work The Strangest Secret, in which he teaches: “We become what we think about most of the time.”


The Nasdq Entrepreneurial Center is offering free courses:

Ready to work through your challenges and celebrate milestones? Are you a women-business owner in the U.S.?

Milestone Circles is a 12-week program to help entrepreneurs revitalize their vision for their business, set a critical business milestone and build a network of support to help them today and in the future. APPLY TODAY!

Join this group of incredible women entrepreneurs and work through your challenges, celebrate milestones, attend workshops, and connect with small business experts and mentors to enhance your business.


Code Academy

You’re wanting to finally learn ChatCPT  ? How about a free course or even 4 ?

Learn ChatGPT and AI for free
To celebrate the launch of our upcoming Intro to ChatGPT course, we’ll be offering four of our paid machine learning and AI courses for free for a limited time only. Sign up to be notified when the courses are free.

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BuzzSumoYou can use BuzzSumo tools for finding and filtering content by most popular or trending keywords in real time.The tool searches billions of articles. It also lets you filter by content type and assess how well your competitors are covering a topic. A helpful Chrome extension lets you see the number of shares the content received. Select some of the relevant most-shared articles, then narrow the list to come up with the content to curate.@BuzzSumo’s Chrome extension lets you total shares for a piece of #content to help you know if it’s something you want to curate for your social followers, says @CbreezeBird via @CMIContent. #Tools #ContentCuration Click To Tweet

I know this is a few days late……my apologiesAcumen courseLearn How To

Use Acumen’s Lean Data framework as an alternative to the traditional “monitoring and evaluation” approach
Pinpoint data collection opportunities in your customer journey
Create a streamlined survey to understand why your product, service or program is meaningful to customers
Identify an appropriate technology to rapidly collect data
Run a Lean Data sprint within your own organization

Present customer insights and recommendations to stakeholders.        Enroll Acumen Academy


Gino Wickman | Becoming an Entrepreneur is Something You Are

Please welcome Gino Wickman, author of Traction and Entrepreneurial Leap, and creator of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)

Overview: In this episode, Rob Dube interviews Gino Wickman about his work in the entrepreneurial world and his book, Entrepreneurial Leap. They discuss the essential traits of entrepreneurs, the challenges and rewards of starting a business, and the importance of self-awareness and mentorship in the entrepreneurial journey.

Listen Now


Featured Member: Seth Purcell CEO of Constructor

Seth’s been tackling the interface between making a teamwork tool, and think of the many out there, that works better and is focused on coders. Ready to take a spin ?

Constructor is offering demo’s of the sexy new teamwork tool that a local team has been developing with the aim of taking on the major players in the business collaboration market. It combines content, status tracking, and discussion in a simple, clean, and fast UI so teams can stop bouncing between apps all day and focus on the work that moves the needle.