A Home for Entrepreneurs


Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur at the beginning of your startup journey or well underway with a team and making a killing,……

Startup Corvallis can be a great resource and support system !

Our growing member group (680+ founders)  has the experience and dedication to offer you the opportunity to network, get some great ideas or dig deep and do some customer discovery. 

Thinking of starting a business and want some direction, feedback or 2nd opinions. Or it’s time to scale and expand ?  Startup Corvallis is all about listening, learning and being a support system for you and your business….. and no it doesn’t cost a dime.  

Once per month, there is a resource-packed newsletter that goes out with useful and practical ideas and opportunities. Did we mention it’s also free ?

We meet at the Marriott downtown in Corvallis twice per month, typically Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm, in the lounge. 

Please use our startupcorvallis meetup link to let us know you’re attending and join our group as we are using the Meetup App and not using signups from this website.

PS. To join our group please go to our meetup link. We will keep you in touch with what’s happening and when.