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The weathers changing although in weird ways.  The year has flown by and the next will be here before we know it. We hope your business is thriving and you’re keeping up with the tsunami of change in everyone’s digital environment. 

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For this month’s updates we have;

  1.    Want top level feedback on your pitch deck, seriously !
  2.    Looking to learn some new IT skills
  3.    Introduction to Human Centered Design
  4.    Do you have a clear sense of purpose guiding your business. ?
  5.    Need a chatbot and wondering which to consider ?
  6.    Want to learn more about AI ?
  7.     Looking for funding  from any source and with free access as a founder ?

Quote of the day:

Discipline #4: Get Feedback from Customers and Clients Early and Often

The biggest mistake many entrepreneurs make when taking their leap is to assume their customer is going to love their idea. Based on this assumption, they create detailed long-term plans or spend money on the product or marketing before testing it and getting feedback.

What I urge you to do instead is work on a simplified premise. Focus first on providing value, then get feedback quickly and often from the people who will be paying you for the product or service.

Have you worked on your pitch/s till your blue ?

What another rejection !

Shaun Gold Shaun Gold

I’ve  experienced Shaun and he’s unique, laser focused and on point. Having a ton of pitches over the years he can reconstruct your message, on the fly, when it comes to pitch decks and more. Ready for a different approach and some results ?

Founders. No One Wants To Read Your Pitch

In the fast-paced world of startups, where competition is fierce and attention spans are short, the ability to effectively convey your startup idea and capture the imagination of investors is crucial. Yet founders fail to effectively tell a story that not only gets investors excited, but in most cases, the story isn’t told at all. It all comes down to the pitch deck.

Understand that no one has time for a 35 slide deck. No one will read the three pages dedicated to the background of each founder. And no one will want to learn more because you throw in the latest buzz words that every single other deck is using.

So where do you get feedback? Real feedback with actionable results that can make or break your startup future. It isn’t your friends and family. Most likely, they lack  startup and VC experience.

It isn’t the random founders you meet online, most of whom have never raised a round and will only give you positive reinforcement while asking for your own investor connections.

Ultimately, it isn’t the investors. They receive hundreds of decks a week and simply don’t have the time to break your deck down and offer you the guidance that could truly help.

There is no real solution that exists…until now.

I’m Shaun Gold. Founder, best-selling author, GP at Improve Ventures, keynote speaker, and more. Where others live in the startup ecosystem, I live in the startup world. I have seen thousands of decks and know what works and what doesn’t. What started out as a value add for founders in the cohorts I mentored is now a service that I am proud to offer to InvestoMatch users.

  1. Get your pitch deck audited and broken down.
  2. Receive written feedback per slide, startup assessment feedback, and recommendations.
  3. Determine your current fundability level.
  4. Gain an unfair advantage from years of experience and a large network.

Reach out today and get heard !

Microsoft Microsoft Learn

Location: Online  Cost: Free to $200   Certificate: Yes, some courses with a fee

Time to complete: Self-paced

Microsoft Learn provides online learners with access to beginner, intermediate, and advanced online certification classes. Aimed at current and aspiring developers and administrators of various Microsoft technologies and solutions, the online platform offers courses for specific roles and technologies. Each module comprises videos and articles, along with activities and quizzes.

Students can progress through many of Microsoft Learn’s courses at their own pace, though live and instructor-led courses are available. The online classes with certificates require participants to pay a fee and pass examinations designed and reviewed by subject matter experts. Microsoft certifications can help individual professionals enter or grow within a field and assist organizations in the training and development of their staff.

Acumen Academy

Learn How To

Turn your idea into a tangible product or service in a low-cost, risk-averse way
Gain valuable feedback from the people you’re designing for and incorporate it into new iterations
Refine a concept using the cycle of prototyping, feedback, and iteration
Experiment to prototype products, services, interactions, and environments
Take your learning from our Introduction to Human-Centered Design course to the next level

Ready for understanding the awesome potential of AI…… how about a free coursera course ?


Needing funding ? is an excellent resource that matches funders to founders, using AI. The platform is the ideal way to find funding sources and is available to founders, at no charge. Unlike others the software eliminates 2-3 meetings and gives all parties the whole picture of who and what your doing.

When there’s alignment all parties have the comprehensive details needed to have a actionable meeting.

The funders are international in scope, from private, public, and commercial sources, and its industry agnostic. A real opportunity for any founder to find the right people, in your industry who are interested in seeing you succeed, with funding.