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Time fly’s and June is just around the corner ?  We hope your business is thriving and you’re enjoying the great weather !

Ready to meet and network at the Marriott downtown on Wednesday  the 31’st?  Our in-person meetings are back …… and you’re missed…..Consider putting this on your calendar, at 6:30pm. and….

Please RSVP at the meetup site. People need to know that you’re attending.  Have you thought about bringing a friend or colleague ?

Meet us in the lounge (Facing del Alma) and enjoy some food or drink and get ready for some great conversations. We will be in the corner area not the long table, per some requests.

For this month’s updates we have;

  1.    How to Start Your Business on a Success Trajectory Presentation
  2.    Ready for an AI Hackathon, in Seattle ?
  3.    Essential Elements of a successful business talk
  4.    Running a WP site and are concerned with issues, see these free updates.
  5.    Member looking for work
  6.    Speaking of incentives, consider this free book
  7.     Ready for AI Marketing ? free webinar

Quote of the day: Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail. Confucius

Speaking of self-improvement, ready for some new opportunities ?

Preparing to Launch
How to Start Your Business on a Success Trajectory

JUNE 1, 2023 – 2 PM ET

Whether you’re in the thick of starting a business or just beginning to mull over the concept, this webinar will share the basics that every business needs to consider right out of the gate. From choosing the right form of organization and obtaining the necessary licenses, permits, and insurance to crystalizing your brand identity and ideal customers, this webinar will present a crash course in how to start a small business—and get it right.

Ready for an AI Hackathon , in Seattle ?

SURF Incubator

Our Judges:
We’re excited to welcome back Lawrence Lerner of LERNER Consulting and Peter Mueller from SeaChange Fund.

Marius Ciocirlan with Techstars,
Lakshay Chauhan of, and
Wyatt Dudgeon from WestRiver Group 
will also be participating as judges.

Our prizes:
$2500 in OpenAI credits from our friends over at OpenAI for the first place team!

A formal interview with the Allen Institute for AI (AI2) Incubator partners to explore a potential investment of up to $500,000.

The Briarwood Group is offering a 90 day consulting package and a 1 page website to first place, and a 1 hour consult to second and third place teams.

Legate Consulting is offering help with business filing for the first place team.

Passion Fruit is offering a pitch recording for a Y-Combinator submission to the first place team.

SURF Incubator is offering a 90 day hot desk to the winning team.

Pitch 4 Impact Inc is offering a 1 hour pitch coaching session.

360 Social Impact Studios is offering a 1 hour consult to the top 5 teams.

Our Sponsors:
WestRiver Group – Starship Supporter
Techstars – Asteroid Ally
Mindloom Media – Photographer
Fonte Coffee Roaster – Drinks

Our mentors:
Jeff Dempke | Zhenbin Xu | Brian Allen | Leo N. | Elizabeth Cross Nichol

Dana Sather Robinson – Crafting a compelling pitch
Tuan Thi – Foundation Models as building blocks for Real-World Applications
Mohamed Abuzaid – No-code language modeling.

And more to be announced in the comments!

Sign up here:
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Business Foundations & Strategy
Join us for a lively conversation on May 26th with Marcus Whitney, founding partner at Jumpstart Health Investors, who will guide you through an easy-to-follow and widely applicable framework for developing an order of operations that connect the essential elements of a successful business logically.

You’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of the impact of each element on your business outcomes and how you can leverage them as one for long-term success


Running WordPress and needing info on the upcoming issues

IThemes Security is a free service that provides updates when plugin problems are present:

  • NEW!  May 24, 2023 Report: 6 Core Vulnerabilities, 86 Plugin Vulnerabilities, 11 Theme Vulnerabilities

Member looking for work:

I’m searching for my next team in the Portland metro area or fully remote. In my 6 years of Product Marketing, I’ve honed my product/market fit, market research, customer discovery, and pricing skills. Ideal titles may be Product Manager, Product Owner, Product Analyst, Business Analyst, or Product Marketing Manager. I want to work with SMBs (< 200 employees) and startups seeking an acquisition as their exit within 2-4 year time horizon.

I’d like to join an organization that offers a SaaS product or hardware component for the personal computing ecosystem. My prior experiences in Wi-Fi networking, computer storage, printers, and computer hardware round out my experiences in new product development in IoT, autonomous/electric vehicles, or cloud computing.

Please contact me at or

Marketing, Media & PR
Unleash the full potential of your business with AI marketing tools in this insightful session on May 31st with Cliff Worley, Senior Director of Portfolio Growth Marketing at Kapor Capital and Center Advisory Board Member at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center.

Learn the secrets to exponential growth on a shoestring budget, and master the art of captivating your target customers. Join us to unlock the door to limitless possibilities and drive your entrepreneurial journey forward!

Look for lots more information and activities in our next newsletter.

Alan and the Startup Corvallis team