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The weathers changing although in weird ways.  Can you believe that we are almost 1/2 way through the year ?  We hope your business is thriving and you’re keeping up with the tsunami of change in everyone’s digital environment.  Did you see the Chat GPT 4.o announcement ? As many of us keep saying the next generation of AI is upon us and there is no looking back.

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For this month’s updates we have;

  1.     GPT4.o changes the scene ! from SuperHuman
  2.     Want top level feedback on your pitch deck, seriously !
  3.     Looking to learn some coding ?
  4.     Want to build a dream team ?
  5.    Need access to a makers or co-working space, in Corvallis ?
  6.    Ready to know more about biotech startups in the valley ?
  7.     Looking for funding  from any source and with free access as a founder ?

Quote of the day:

Discipline #4: Get Feedback from Customers and Clients Early and Often

The biggest mistake many entrepreneurs make when taking their leap is to assume their customer is going to love their idea. Based on this assumption, they create detailed long-term plans or spend money on the product or marketing before testing it and getting feedback.

What I urge you to do instead is work on a simplified premise. Focus first on providing value, then get feedback quickly and often from the people who will be paying you for the product or service.

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OpenAI kept us guessing until the very end. On Monday, the company finally showed off the next big thing in AI: Not GPT-5, but a new model called GPT-4o that’s a little different than what most experts were expecting — but no less exciting.
What sets it apart? It’s faster and more efficient, but the biggest changes might come down to its ease of use. It’s reportedly more intuitive, like a jack-of-all-trades that can easily move between different mediums, including voice, text, and images — sort of like an upgraded version of ChatGPT mixed with a superpowered Siri.
The demo showed GPT-4o:
  • Helping an Italian speaker and an English speaker communicate by acting as their real-time translator
  • Walking a presenter through a math equation he’d written on a piece of paper
  • Analyzing a webpage full of code, then describing weather patterns from a chart of average temperatures
  • Communicating in different styles, from hyper-expressive to sing-songy, to robotic
OpenAI says that GPT-4o is 2x faster and 50% cheaper than GPT-4 Turbo, it’s most capable model until yesterday’s announcement. The company also claims that the model outperforms the competition on several key benchmarks like the ELO ranking system by a significant margin.
The biggest takeaway: GPT-4o is getting eerily good at mimicking the quirks of human communication. As one example, if you want to change the subject of the conversation, you can simply cut it off mid-sentence and move on to something else.
Its ability to recognize human emotions — including the tenor of someone’s voice, their breathing patterns, and their facial expressions — marks a major step forward.
Most users will be able to access GPT-4o for free within the next few weeks. OpenAI is also rolling out an app so users can use it directly on their desktops. But still no word on the supposed Google Search competitor…yet.

PS if you’re just wanting to get to the meat of the matter and see how the new product works….. fast forward to the 18 min mark…

Have you worked on your pitch/s till your blue ?

What another rejection !

Shaun Gold Shaun Gold

I’ve experienced Shaun and he’s unique, laser-focused and on point. Having a ton of pitches over the years he can reconstruct your message, on the fly, when it comes to pitch decks and more. Ready for a different approach and some results ?

Founders. No One Wants To Read Your Pitch

In the fast-paced world of startups, where competition is fierce and attention spans are short, the ability to effectively convey your startup idea and capture the imagination of investors is crucial. Yet founders fail to effectively tell a story that not only gets investors excited, but in most cases, the story isn’t told at all. It all comes down to the pitch deck.

Understand that no one has time for a 35 slide deck. No one will read the three pages dedicated to the background of each founder. And no one will want to learn more because you throw in the latest buzz words that every single other deck is using.

So where do you get feedback? Real feedback with actionable results that can make or break your startup future. It isn’t your friends and family. Most likely, they lack  startup and VC experience.

It isn’t the random founders you meet online, most of whom have never raised a round and will only give you positive reinforcement while asking for your own investor connections.

Ultimately, it isn’t the investors. They receive hundreds of decks a week and simply don’t have the time to break your deck down and offer you the guidance that could truly help.

There is no real solution that exists…until now.

I’m Shaun Gold. Founder, best-selling author, GP at Improve Ventures, keynote speaker, and more. Where others live in the startup ecosystem, I live in the startup world. I have seen thousands of decks and know what works and what doesn’t. What started out as a value add for founders in the cohorts I mentored is now a service that I am proud to offer to InvestoMatch users.

  1. Get your pitch deck audited and broken down.
  2. Receive written feedback per slide, startup assessment feedback, and recommendations.
  3. Determine your current fundability level.
  4. Gain an unfair advantage from years of experience and a large network.

Reach out today and get heard !

Free Code Camp

Location: Online  Cost: Free    Certificate: Yes, some courses    Time to complete: 300+ hours

A nonprofit coding community, Free Code Camp offers free online courses with certificates in responsive web design, data visualization, and algorithms and data structures, along with various Python credentials. Participants train by reading articles, watching videos, and completing lessons. The programs feature several build projects and tests that can help guide learners through their studies. 

By completing all six of the free online classes with certificates, learners qualify for the full stack development program certificate. Free Code Camp’s materials and tutorials come from industry professionals and educators, along with a community of thousands of volunteers from around the globe. 

Looking for a Dream Team

Acumen Academy

So, you want to build your dream team? Our three courses will help you improve your team-building abilities, learn to hire the right people, and create a team culture that works. Check them out!

Start making changes today —  build the team and culture that will take your organization to the next level. 

See you in the classroom,

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