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For this month’s updates we have;

  1.    5 New rules for Startups… interesting changes
  2.    Automating Your Customer Journey
  3.    Lean Startup course, applicable for everyone
  4.    Ready to take an AI course for free ?
  5.    Need an employee, one of our members is looking, meet Peter Conerly
  6.     Looking for funding  from any source and with free access ?

Quote of the day: Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail. Confucius

Speaking of self-improvement, ready for some new opportunities ?

The 5 New Rules of Startups, from INC.

Say goodbye to the hero entrepreneur and one-size-fits-all. Say hello to flexible, committed teams, and taking mass customization to a new level.

This is an interesting take on the changes in part brought about by AI and more. For the full article go to: /the-five-new-rules-of-startups.

The summary is in  5 quotes:

Learn How To:

Run experiments, pivot and remain lean and innovative while ethically serving customers and prioritizing social impact.

Use the value proposition canvas to map out your customers’ pains, gains, and jobs to be done.

Create and test hypotheses to refine the value proposition of your social enterprise or initiative.

4 weeks


Ready for understanding the awesome potential of AI…… how about a free coursera course ?

Peter Conerly is a software engineer that moved to Corvallis last year. He’s looking for a full-time role doing full-stack web development, especially if it involves python or javascript. You can contact him at, or browse his portfolio at­

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