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For this month’s updates we have;

  1.   6 Steps to business decisions
  2.   Better leadership course, Acumen
  3.   Need more content in your email ?
  4.   Who needs free legal forms ?
  5.  Take a certificate course, for free ?
  6.   Need E-Mail templates ?
  7.  Featured Member: Shervin Majd, PhD
  8.  Need a color combinations tool ?

A goodrap from Entrepreneur LEAP

Discipline #6: Work Hard, Really Hard It makes me crazy when I hear “gurus” teach their easy way to build a business. Every entrepreneur I’ve ever talked to has told me their journey was the opposite of easy.

I’ve been inside hundreds of businesses and have yet to see one that takes no effort. I love it when one of my clients talks about another company, which also happens to be one of my clients, and says, “That business is so easy. I wish I had that one.” I think, “Oh, if you only knew.”

    From Mike Grabham

Making practical business decisions can often be quite a challenge, especially if all your options have their own merits. You can’t choose all of them—but no worries! Just follow these 6 steps:
STEP 1: Know your desired outcome, resources, & constraints.
STEP 2: Brainstorm options to reach your outcome.
STEP 3: Predict which outcomes are more or less possible.
STEP 4: Find the risks and opportunities.
STEP 5: Make the decision.
STEP 6: Confirm you have a culture fit.
To learn more about these 6 steps, you can download the full decision-making guide I made here:


Launch into the new year with the key to becoming a stronger leader: Adaptive Leadership.

In this 4 week course, you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate alongside a team* to identify and tackle a stubborn and recurring leadership challenge.

With the Adaptive Leadership approach developed at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, you’ll gain the skills needed to lead change in times of uncertainty in an increasingly complex world.

Register for the free course here 📚


Slip out of bed, stick the kettle on, and enjoy a morning brew with Morning Brew. The daily email curates the top news stories in an easy and enjoyable format. It removes the jargon and condenses it into bite-sized, readable chunks. It’s also written conversationally.

Future Learn    Location: Online Cost: Free to $189/year Certificate: Yes, some courses with a fee    Time to complete: Two to 10 weeks

For personal or professional development, FutureLearn offers hundreds of free online courses with certificates. Some of the study topics available include business and management and information technology and computer science. The training includes audio clips, video lectures, articles, and class discussions, and learners must complete quizzes and activities to graduate.

Through FutureLearn, students gain access to courses from universities and industry organizations. Participants who pay for certificate access take tests to qualify for the credentials. Individuals, classrooms, and employers can use FutureLearn’s online certification classes for various types of development.

   Really Good Emails

Speaking of emails, have you ever sat down to write one and needed inspiration on what to write? Look no further than

The geniuses at Really Good Emails must be subscribed to every newsletter and sign up list they can find — and they’ve curated and compiled a list for the rest of us.

You can search for holidays, industries, sale types, or even just keywords related to the email you wish to send. You’ll be served on a silver platter hundreds or thousands of emails written on that topic — by expert email marketers who work for big companies making the best emails.

For example, after doing a search for “course” I found this great, simple email promoting a street photography class (you could easily swap out your course content here, but take inspiration from the style and messaging).


Shervin Majd is a Digital Health and Advanced Analytics Executive with > 15 years of hands-on product and strategy leadership experience, collaborating with multidisciplinary teams to develop, launch and scale innovative digital solutions across the care continuum.

Looking to form a collaborative network, where private & public stakeholders share data & leverage a common operating dashboard to optimize emergency management & enable evidence-based decision making .

Shervin serves as a product strategy consultant, advisor and mentor for several digital health startups in addition to being a member of Life Science Angels Group in the Bay Area, investing in medical devices, digital health and artificial intelligence solutions. Contact him via his Linkedin profile


Did you know that creating eye-pleasing color combinations is actually a science more than an art. If you’re looking for two compatible colors for your business’s marketing materials, use ColorHexa to find ones that work together.

Plug in your color’s hex code, and get information, shades, alternatives, tones, and even a color blindness simulator. But, most importantly, you’ll get color schemes that you can use to choose a second compatible color or even a full palate.