Dear Fellow Entrepreneurs,

Can you believe it’s almost the end of month two of 2023 ? 

Ready to meet and network at the Marriott downtown on Wednesday ?  Our in person meetings are back …… and your missed…..

Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday February 23rh,…….consider putting this on your calendar, at 6:30pm. and…. please RSVP at the meetup sitePeople need to know that you’re attending and how about  bringing a friend or colleague ?

Meet us in the lounge (Facing del Alma) and enjoy some food or drink and get ready for some great conversations. We will be in the corner area not the long table, per some requests.

For this month’s updates we have;

  1.    Corporate formation course 
  2.    Inclusive Business: Redefine Success, Acumen
  3.    Want to get in gear with ChatGPT, free courses ?
  4.    Ready for GPT-4 ?
  5.    Is your business ready to launch (podcast)  ?
  6.    Got a middle schooler…great entrepreneurial stories ?
  7.    Featured Member: Seth Purcell (new software offering)

Corporate Formation: The Basics and Common Pitfalls Webinar

February 23, 2023 | 12:00 – 2:00 p.m.

Are you looking to launch your own startup?
Do you want to learn how to start a business?
Do you want to learn more about the differences in company structure such as LLC, S-Corps, and C-Corps?
Are you looking to reorganize your current company?

Join us for the Corporate Formation: The Basics and Common Pitfalls webinar to learn about the process and considerations for launching and structuring your startup, the very first steps that can determine the future of your business. The seminar will present:

  • Differences between the two most common choices of entity (Corporation and LLC) and the differences between the two most common choices of jurisdictions (NY and Delaware) and why most startups in NY choose one over the other;
  •  Essential documents for both entities that are often overlooked or ignored by most startups and the consequences for doing so;
  • Case studies based on client experiences to demonstrate the pitfalls associated with the failure to implement the proper documentation at the outset.


In our course Inclusive Business: Redefine Success we’re asking the question: What if? 

What if business purpose is framed in terms of solving problems for low-income and marginalized people and planet, and not creating or profiting from them?

What if strategy is framed with a ‘future back’ approach to inclusion where you identify a desired state and work backwards to achieve it?

What if value and success were defined beyond financial metrics to incorporate measures of long-term value creation for low-income and marginalized stakeholders?

 In this course, you’ll:

  • Hear from successful business leaders who have put this framework into practice
  • Access tools to document and strategize key learnings in real time
  • Learn to apply the inclusive business framework to start your journey towards inclusive business success

If you haven’t heard, ChatGPT is a revolutionary application that helps you generate text, code, spreadsheet formulas, you name it. All at the press of a button. 

Just one example: anyone can generate content for a course – about any topic – in just a few minutes. With no knowledge or expertise. And I’m not just talking about a course outline. I mean scripts, assignments, prompts, pretty much anything you would expect to need for a course. 

As AI technology continues to advance, it’s going to have an enormous impact on the online courses industry. The good news is, course builders like us can thrive in a world with ChatGPT.

That’s where our upcoming “Online Courses in the Age of AI” Bootcamp comes in. Over the course of 3 sessions, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how AI technology is changing the course creation game. 

Just as important, you’ll learn when you can use tools like ChatGPT to your advantage AND when you should avoid them. So you can create courses that will stand out in a sea of generic, bot-generated courses. 

Here’s the schedule breakdown (each session is 90 minutes):

Part 1 (February 27 @ 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern): Survive and Thrive in an AI World: How to ChatGPT-Proof Your Course

What you thought GPT3 was so new….

GPT-4: What You Need to Know And What’s Different From GPT-3

ChatGPT is still the talk of the town and has already been downloaded millions of times. In the meantime, the hype is already growing about GPT-4, the long-awaited successor to GPT-3. But what will GPT-4 really be able to do and what are its scope of application?  Read all about it on our blog.

Being ready to launch a business can be a difficult decision. In this video Gino discusses the simple formula for deciding if your business is ready to launch.

Listen Now!

Can Middle Schoolers be Founders?

Wil Schroter ‘s kid attend a small school in Ohio that only has 208 students in the whole Middle School (grades 5-8). The school is very innovative, but one of the things that they do is allow the teachers to each pick one topic they would love to teach, no matter how weird, and pitch it to the entire Middle School.

I got invited to this pitch, totally unprepared as usual, and watched all of the other teachers pitch their classes.When my turn came around, I got up and asked the students if any of them knew what an “entrepreneur” was — every single kid raised their hand. They said they knew because they’d all seen Shark Tank. Amazing. I had no idea 10-year-olds even cared about Shark Tank.

My pitch was simple “Every single thing that exists in the world, from the clothes you’re wearing to the phone in your pocket to every app you’ll ever use, came from an entrepreneur —….. To my astonishment, 147 of 208 students signed up for the Entrepreneurship class, of which 17 were admitted.

New Member update: Seth Purcell @

We’ll be having a demo of the sexy new teamwork tool that a local team has been developing with the aim of taking on the major players in the business collaboration market.

It combines content, status tracking, and discussion in a simple, clean, and fast UI so teams can stop bouncing between apps all day and focus on the work that moves the needle.

Contact Seth Purcell 617-899-2024