Week 1: Registration Steps and Funding – How do you make your business legit and official? Where can you get the financial help you need to get started? What is difference between an LLC and a sole proprietor? Definitions, overviews, networking and more.

Week 2: Tax Fundamentals –  Even if you plan on using an accountant, understanding some basic tax rules and perks of being a contractor will help you keep organized and have a picture of what to budget for. This class will cover:

Week 3: Helpful Software and Website Tips – Apps and programs – let’s go over which ones are helpful and how to keep it cheap! Don’t have a website yet? Let’s talk basics. Have one already? Let’s optimize it.

Week 4: Design, Marketing and Take Home Templates – Should you be on social media? We’ll go over tips on branding and advertising, as well as online presence. Then I’ll share some templates I’ve used for years that can save you tons of time by simply modifying them to your needs.


Chelsea Schuyler (she/her) has been a content writer and social media marketer for 10 years and completely self-employed for the last five. Helpful networking, information, and document templates came with slow and painstaking development, and she has since wanted to make it easier for those starting out on their own enterprises. Her favorite perks – working wherever, whenever, while wearing whatever she wants. Find out more about her work and reasons at www.chelseaschuyler.com.