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Startup Corvallis is all about the community that forms when like-minded entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs get together.

And just so you know, we are are not limited to just those in Corvallis. Our membership spans the whole Willamette valley, Portland to Eugene.

We share our successes and failures, ask for support, network, and basically have a good time associating with each other, learning about new and upcoming ideas and businesses, along with opportunities throughout our region (Portland to Eugene).

We publish a calendar of events and a resource guide that gives you access to organizations that support our ecosystem.

Our startup is informal and the only structure is asking for you to introduce yourself and if you have a need/want let the group know.  If you have a skill set that you want to offer others…..well let’s do business.

With our upcoming member interface the intent is to match your skills with others needs.

We meet at a number of locations, but typically it’s where the coffee, beer/wine and lite fare are abundant. Been at the Marriott Hotel Downtown at the first floor lounge.

There’s lot’s happening in town and the surrounding areas that we/you might never hear about, except through the startup meetings, calendar, and resource guide.

We look forward to meeting and introducing you to a diverse and energetic group of startup folks.